Thursday, April 21, 2005

Obligatory Guilt Post

This blog is starting to feel like the journals I kept intermittently from about third grade on. The entries all read something like this:

Dear Diary (ugh - I hate cliches, don't you?), sunny today. Went for a walk with Merlin (did I tell you we got another dog!!!?). I can't beleive I'll be FOURTEEN tomorrow. Oh well, gotta go.

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Dear Diary, Well - I just found you under my bed. I'll be sixteen next week, and lots has happened! I grew my hair out! Have you ever thought about sunsets? The're so pretty, yet so specific. Anyway, I'll write more later. Bye!

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Omigod! I just found this diary under my bed again! I really should be better about -- oops! Time for dinner! Write soon!

You get the idea. Though I suppose, with the actual expectation of audience (hi guys!) inherent in blog writing, neglect is a slightly greater sin. And it's not like I need to go fishing under my bed for blogger software (digression: remember disks? That came in boxes? Playing Kings Quest III back in the day when it took four disks to play, plus at least one to save your games on? Sigh, and time marches on).

In other news, omigod! I'll be twenty-eight this Saturday. Brian and I are going to see Camille Paglia read from her new book (Break Blow Burn: Camille Paglia reads forty-three of the worlds best poems) Friday night, followed by a late dinner at the Metro Cafe. On my actual birthday, Brian will be testing for his blue belt in jujitsu, so I'll probably just stay home & worry. And write, of course, since I have 25 pages due for workshop on Monday (between-semester break? ha!).

I'm also working on some graphic stuff I hope to post up in here in the near future. Watch this space.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Been a while

72-foot Buddha
Originally uploaded by Nora Sawyer.
I finally uploaded some of my Hong Kong Photos to flickr. Click the Buddha to see more.

In other news, I [heart] flickr. So easy to use, so fun, so free. God bless the internets. They live, I tell you.