Friday, January 13, 2006


My computer seems to have taken leave of its senses. I've wiped the hard drive, installed and re-installed Tiger, run disk warrior many times, and still it acts as if I've been stuffing peanut butter in its little insides. Which would be fine and all, but I've a novel to finish by April, and other schoolwork besides. Bring me my working harddrive! Bring me my arrows of firewire!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

And other things

It's my first day of classes today. I almost have none at all this weekend; if I hadn't opted for Editing and Publishing II, there'd be no reason to get out of my jammies.

I'm suffering from late-onset second thoughts about the program. What am I going to do with a degree in Creative Writing? Surely I don't expect to write a novel? I don't have the wealth ideas neccesary for such a venture. I'm starting to feel like I'm hardly literate.

In other news, I'm considering getting an MFA in Poetics after this. but only because the Poetics program at New College is highly reading-of-poetry based. I think I really need to read more before I can be expected to have anything at all to say.

Did I dream?

Woke up from a dream of being in a lecture hall, taking part in some weird psychodelic game show, all bright blues and purples. Midway through, I realized that something sinister was afoot, that 'phase two' involved something horrible. Luckily whoever wasa controlling the game show could only see the participants' brightly colored clothing, and my teammates and I were able to sneak out by striping off our coloured layers and lying perfectly still in the aisles. At the last minute (we were somehow slithering out, like snakes), I was caught, and sent to a back room, which had a bed & some strange wand-like thing. I was woken up by the alarm & the by the cat (who comes in begging when the alarm goes off), and never found out what the wand was for.

It's sunny today, but cold. I'm sitting on the orange fainting couch by the window, and the sun's pouring in through the garden. There's a pink rosebud on one of the bushes already, in January. For this, I moved to California.