Monday, March 22, 2004

Ok, since Miss Trixie asked so nicely, I'm gonna write soimething. But I really have nothin' to say.

I'm at work right now. I don't even want to get in to what I'm doin' for a living right now, 'cause its just depressing. And why is everyone I work with so Gd%&$ long-winded, anyway. Just talk talk talk talk talk all the livelong day. It's probably karmic retribution for all the ears I've talked off.

I kinda envy people who are actually having midlife (or mid twenties) crisises. I mean, I experience the odd bout of dicontent, but it never amounts to any sort of CRISIS. More's the pity - maybe I'd actually DO something.

Wanna know my biggest fear? Well, remember how on word, there used to be this auto-summarize function, where the computer would pick out your most oft-repeated or important seeming ideas, and create a paragraph out of them, thereby ;summarizing' your paper? Well, I worry that's what the afterlife is like - you're read a summary of your most overused ideas and phrases. And then Jean-Paul Sartre writes a play about them.

Actually, the ads up there at the top sorta provide that function, reflecting and refracting what your blog might buy, if it were really you.

Anyway, back to avoiding phone calls and working slowly.

- Nora

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