Monday, August 30, 2004

So, I can no longer blog from work - blogger's homepage has run afoul of the company's site-blocking software. It joins a hallowed set of sites I can't acess from work, incuding Aaron's comment section (oddly, other blog's comment windows are not verboten), resources on urban gardening, and craigslist's writer's forum. Hmpf.

In other news, I am now the proud owner of a !new! G4 ibook (this is my first real new-to-everyone-not-just-me computer ever - I'm very excited). Thanks to dadoo and mamita for the graduation gift!

Now to work on that application - there are two slots still oopen in the grad school program I've been procrastinating about appying to for the past few months. No excuses now.

So, in brief, here's what I haven't blogged about since blogger access was blocked from work:

One of my co-workers, discussing a recent news item: "I think emulation would be just about the worst way to go"

Another co-worker, upon learning that I am not a fan of the electoral college: "Well you don't understand the Bill of Rights then. And regardless, you have to agree that we were damn lucky Bush was president on September 11th" (I had to go outsided and breathe deeply for several minutes after that one).

Luckily, most of my life takes place outside of work. Dadoo has been visiting since Friday, and we've had great fun revisiting the city with him, and discovering new treats, like the fabulous (and free!) streetcar museum.

Anyway, c'est tout for now.

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