Monday, November 15, 2004


So, I'm gonna be a little busy for the next week or so. I've got a 40 min. presentation to prepare for this Saturday ('suffering, catharsis and transfomation'), ten pages due the following monday (new fiction for workshop), and a whole buttload of reading (how much is a buttload, you ask? A lot). And yes, I'm still working 40 hrs a week. At least.

But while I'm here: What's up with my near-pathological need to reach out to unpleasant people? What compells me to befriend the intolerable? Why do I go out of my way to do them favours, when I know full well that they'd never do the same for me, and are probably patting themselves on the back for pulling one over on ol' gullible? Is it the guilt I feel for dislking them? Is it a recognition of the unpleasantness within me? Misdirected charity? A need to be liked, no matter the source? A 'holier than thou' impulse to live by example? Or am I just a chum......p?

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stfu said...

"suffering, catharsis and transfomation" cool topic, sounds like a bit of a wank. After giving it a moments thought, it sounds like a completed load of nonsense. What's the presentation for? (psych or somesuch)

Yeah, I wrote a big blog on conclusion only you can do anything for yourself....cause everyone else only cares about the quid pro quo, well get something out them, before they sap your life blood....

Please, don't apologise for grammar and spelling, cause, who cares, it's the internet not a spelling, syntax test. Be Free Be Free Be Free.

Pax, hugz luke