Monday, December 06, 2004


No voice today. I had a cold most of last week, feeling *mostly* better, but can't talk, save for a high-pitched wheeze. It was kind of fun at first, playing mute, but it's gotten old.

So - tickets bought for home (for Xmas) & hong kong (for ten days post-Xmas). Two weeks notice given (hurrah!). Work schedule for next semester worked out with advisor.

Apparently I deserve this (folks keep telling me). Still, I feel perpetually guilty & undeserving, as if I'll be exposed as a fraud any moment and sent packing.

I do want an office. Brian and I have been looking at (artists') studio spaces online, and it seems like we could find some sort of shared workspace in SF for not too much ($145 - $200/mo -- albeit in semi-crime ridden areas). It all seems to good to be true. Could everything really be coming up Milhouse?

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Daniel Evans said...

A high-pitched wheeze, huh? Ever thought of a career in phone sex?

P.S. -- Thanks for stopping by my site.