Friday, January 28, 2005

Now I've Seen Everything.

Seeing as how you're reading this on the internet, I'm sure I don't need to recap for you the whole "Postcards From Buster" coontroversy (ok, ok, just in case: some conservatives think that the PBS cartoon's portrayal of two lesbians in a now-pulled episode exploring the state of Vermont is further evidence of the 'gay agenda' at work on the hearts and minds of Our Nation's Children).

I just stumbled across this choice bit, on a blog called "Crosswalk":

And does PBS think the public is stupid enough to not catch what the catch phrases "maple-syruping", and "I like it Vermont style" really reference?

I'm sorry, but I lived in Vermont for several years, and currently live a scant 10 minute walk from San Francisco's Castro district. Heck, I even share an apartment with a gay man. I'm pretty much down with the current lingo. And I have no freaking idea what this man is on about.

You really have to wonder about folks who see the gay agenda lurking in the maple syrup.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

These folks are nuts - they're even accusing Spongebob as gay.

Useless trivial footnote: A staff member from our alma mata was involved in the first same sex marriage in the nation.

Nora said...

If you're talkin' Civil Unions, I remember that (I was still living in Bratt when it happened). A faculty member was actually involved, too (as the one performing the ceremony). And the staff member was an alumnus of my High School as well.

I'm just all sorts of gay. Except not.

The Tremulant Sings said...

Yeah, the whole thing is freaking RETARDED. Even if the cartoons, even SpongeBob WERE gay... WHO GIVES A CRAP?!? They're CARTOONS for Christ's sake! These people need a lot of new things to do with their time, rather than picking apart every other person in the world who doesn't think along their lines.