Friday, September 30, 2005

And I'm not on Ritalin 'cause I never got around to asking for it

I'm doing that thing again. That thing where I sit down to write a paper (in this case, a freakin' FIVE PAGE critical essay for my "Reading the Shape of Change" class) and I Just. Cannot. Sit. Still. I'm all over the internets, reading boring things I don't care have a whit about. I'm off to the grocery store, in the hopes they have something blueberry flavoured and fizzy. I'm scratching my nose. Anything not to write an essay about a book I freaking loved (Jim Grimsley's Dream Boy) and a topic that fascinates me (the nature of desire). Five pages, people! This is nothing! Except I've apparently stumbled into the section of my brian still trapped in Mr. Bridges 7th grade English, sulking its little heart out.


Fizzy and blueberrry.

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GreenSmile said...

And I am ancient. Paid well to write software for a giant defense contractor. I need the money to put my kids through college. but instead of concentrating on the work I could never talk about and don't care about, I am reading what your ancestors are made of. Distraction is not always a disease.