Saturday, February 18, 2006


"Facts" I dreamed were true this week:

1. George Harrison and John Lennon are still alive, but share a body and don't go out much.

2. William Hershel was one of a set of triplets, but ate the other two soon after birth (in my dream, I read it in a book, and thought, "I don't need to know that.").

3. If I were to write a novel about high school, it would take me the better part of an afternoon.

Things that have reminded me of C.W. Bayly recently

1. A pair of orange tennis shoes and a tasteful plaid scarf.

2. At Freddies by Penelope Fitzgerald.

3. Seeing St. Etienne at the Fillmore, and ordering a greyhound at the bar.

Things I like about making lists

1. No need for follow through (you list things, you stop)

2. Numbers

3. Using the "bold" tag (it makes me feel like I know html)

4. Items in a list feel kind of like a paneled comic strip, which gives the last item a certain weight, regardless of merit.


Trixie said...

i miss you.

cait said...

Remember when we stayed at Colin's house for a weekend while he was away? The couch was an island that could only be left in order to get Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles.

Nora said...

Cait -- Oh my god, yes. And who knew that someday I would be housesitting professionally, and would be just as goddamn lazy.