Thursday, July 06, 2006

And I Play Ma Jongg with him.

SF Pride 2006
Originally uploaded by Oldvidhead.
I was just poking around on Flickr, and found this photo of my friend David (aka Mrs. Vera) from this year's Pride. Mrs. Vera is actually a collaborative work between David and his partner Michael Johnstone, and you should totally check out their work here.

This is one of the things I love about living in San Francisco. Despite the high rents, despite the gentrification, there are still artists here, living and working and playing Ma Jongg on Mondays.


seester said...

oh...I don't believe you...

palinode said...

I like the Mrs. Vera Daybook. By the by, Nora, I'm trying to send you a Vox invite but Gmail is slumbering. As soon as it wakes up, I'll send you the invite.

trixie said...

nora...will you write more? PWEESE? Your's is one o' my favorite blogs to read--and I am not yankin' your chain.