Friday, December 01, 2006


I know, I know, it's not official until Sunday. But it's advent-calendar season, at least, and that's enough for me. We (finally!) bought our tickets home today, and a good thing, too -- we weren't even able to get seats together on the way out, the flights are so full (and our only options were redeyes or a million different layovers and transfers (we took the redeye)). Hmpf.

Not much to report. A trip to the lumberyard this morning, followed by a very lazy day for me (including a two hour nap -- I was grouchy and decided I needed a time-out). It's December! Hurrah!


momeester said...

Sorry you don't have seats together, but since it's the redeye you might even nap

We were glad to see you had purchased the tickets

Happy Advent!!

boyhowdy said...

You'll like this, then:

My wife hung up 24 unmatchable, brightcolored kiddie socks on a string across the window, filled each one with advent treats for two (candy canes, chocolate, lightsticks).

Advent socks, like two dozen preview stockings.