Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's too darn hot

Summer days, in their full bloom of sticky hotness, are rarely seen in San Francisco. This week, however, we've had an embarrasment of riches -- a string of miserable, moist, still-hot-in-the shade days. Of course, according to my google weather bar, it's only 77 degrees, with 35% humidity. But we're San Franciscans! Don't you understand we're not made for this sort of punishment!?

My office has no windows, and only one door. The uninsulated ceiling is only inches from the hot tar roof above. I've ben here two hours, and I may have already bonded with my office chair at a molecular level. Send lemonade, Stat!


Anonymous said...

spring continues in New England, today's high was 59


Anonymous said...

congrats on the robins


seester said...'s officially summer now. any cooler? y'know what mark twain, you know? i can't remember exactly how it went.

something about summer in san francisco.

Anonymous said...

Don't do that to a librarian!!

The comment "The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco." is attirbuted to Mark Twain.


seester said...

just testing.

feather said...

I am going to cling to this post as the only thing that will make me glad I'm not in Oakland right now.

It's pretty hot here, but at least not humid. I hate humidity! Though I love the idea of it altering the body on a molecular level.