Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some Beans

So much depends on the pretty blue bowl in the avocado sink.

Now that I've quit my job (oh did I tell you? I quit.), I'm determined to spend more time cooking. Not that I haven't been cooking up until now, but have I been making beans and currys and katsups from scratch? I have not.

In other news, why do I feel guilty for leaving a job that has not paid me in over two months, and as far as I can tell can't pay me, ever again? Hm.


seester said...

Go, Nora, go!

That was the right call.

Enjoy your beanses and katsups!

momeester said...

Working there was no longer just or sustainable.

Tricia said...

I ditto the momeester and seester comments. But I understand what you mean. I'd prolly feel guilty too. I think it's our nature.

But so much does depend on those beans in the blue bowl in the avocado sink, don'it? A little e.e., you.

Tricia said...


I woke up in the middle of the night and said to myself.

I should have said, You, Little William Carlos Willam, you!


momeester said...

Thanks Tricia, that went right by me