Friday, June 20, 2008

Too darn

It's hot. I always say that I miss the summer heat but really? Not so much. Not when it's actually here. The only times I like it are a: after dark, and b: when we're here in Brian's basement. Speaking of the Brian: how many times can he watch the same Sopranos episode? A: a lot.

This is becoming an annual tradition: the weather's hot for a few days, and I write a blog post about how we San Franciscans have a deal with the Powers That Be: a few earthquakes, the occasional heaping of scorn from the Bible Belt, and in return we get weather that hardly ever falls below 50 or rises above 70. Is that too much to ask?


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feather said...

Oh lord the weather. I have spent every single minute between waking and dusk feeling martyred by the heat. And then I go and tell my friends that I'm thinking of moving to New Mexico and they look at me like, "??? but you can't even stand Oakland in the summer! all you talk about is how hot and miserable you are!"

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow and the touristing is going to be hellll if this doesn't let up. I'm lighting candles tonight to every deity I can think of for fog and temperate overcast loveliness.