Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh, Tannenbama (or, Yes, We Tannenbaum!)

So we went and got our Christmas tree the other night.

When we got near the lot, I told Brian, "Stand here and go like this with your hands and I'll take a picture."

So he did.

I really wanted to get our tree here, because Obama looks so festive there with all the lights, and because it's in an abandoned lot that I used to walk by on my way home when I worked at New College.

The lot's next door to an abandoned house with painted landscapes in the boarded-up windows. I love abandoned things, and I've wanted to poke around in this lot for years. Thanks, President-elect Obama!

But trees there were like ten dollars more than the ones at the Delancey street lot (on Sanchez and Market), which is closer to our house. So we got a tree there.

Then we took it home and decorated it with popcorn and cranberries. There are actually a lot more strands on it now (a few with hot peppers on 'em, even!), but the camera's over at Brian's studio, so the pictures I took the other night will have to suffice. Sorry internet. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Then, while I was poking around in the chest where we keep things like ornaments and bits of clutter that need to disappear before guests arrive, I found this series of drawings I made a few years back when Brian and I were bingeing on classic Doctor Who. I think this was around the time we first made our acquaintance with the monster cat, as is evidenced by their subject matter. Apologies for the poor picture quality -- I'll scan these keepers someday.

(Oh! And in the interests of bringin' it all back home, have you seen the Dalek Christmas tree?)


seester said...

Extermilate, extermilate!

Tricia said...

Remember that huge-mongous tree you and Brian carried home in Medford that year? 'twas a biggun.

love your little guy!