Thursday, January 08, 2009


So I was in my kitchen this morning, making broth and drying sprouts in the convection oven (look at me! So domestic!), when I realized just how much Xmas loot I was sporting. This year's haul seriously upped my sartorial awesomeness. Let me show you!

First up, we have the gloves I got from my parents. Aren't they rad? And you can get your own through their church's website! Just click on the link for Miss Pam's Mittens. Yay church lady crafts!

Oh, and it's backwards because I took these photos on my computer, but you can see I'm wearing the t-shirt my darling seester sent to Brian. I stoled it. Too bad I didn't grab the other one before Brian toddled off to his studio with it on, cause then you could see that my kitchen now has wifi. Say hello, kitchen!

(What did my seester send her seester, you ask? Why the ever-awesome Star Wars cookbook, that's what! And soap. Why did everyone in my family send soap this year? Do I look that stinky?)

Speaking as we were of the Brian, want to see what he got me? Sure you do!

Moccasins! From an genuine 'Native Arts' store in Canadia! They're very warm. Which is good, since as you can see, I'm wearing winter outdoor wear in the house. And yes, I'm cooking in my pajima pants. So you can't see the lovely belt my cousin Claire sent. But rest assured it's very cute, and single handedly makes the jeans-and-sweater I throw on before leaving the house like deliberate components of a genuinely thought-out outfit.

Last but certainly not least comes the gift from my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Bill. This gift is one of those gift that brings with it the warm fuzzy feeling of being understood absolutely. Can you guess what it is?

That's right: it is a fuzzy muppet-like faux mink. It is also a visible manifestation of my inner core. Paging Phillip Pullman!

And on the non-sartorial front, I'm currently listening to the Choir Practice CD that my Aunt Carol gave me for Xmas. I've been playing it constantly ever since I got back from Vancouver, which means I've pretty much had it on repeat ALL YEAR. Here's a taste:

Christmas: Awesome.

And now I'm worried that this is a tacky display, a philistine reveling in the material side of Christmas. But really (honestly!), this is just a post about moment in my kitchen when I looked at the world around me and realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by so much love. And loot.


seester said...

Some Yuletide honesty...the soap? It was the most interesting thing I could redeem my "geek points" for, and I couldn't figure out how to ship to two different addresses, so, you get soap! I don't think you are stinky.

Yay, geek points!

momeester said...

Yes, Christmas is about realizing you are surrounded by loot,err love.

Miss Pam's mittens funded our parish's donation to the Diocese of Jerusalem and their ministries to Arab Christians and Muslims especially in Gaza.

With all our mittens we are funding one day at St. Luke's Hospital in Nablus plus a week of preschool for someone.

momeester said...

Cultural reference:
When Carolyn and I were little, our Grandmother Ruby, and many of her contemporaries, did not feel dressed to go out without their little fox stole. This stole seemed to be made of the whole pelts of very small foxes, I hope they weren't kits, that were entwined and with the two little heads biting the fur. I just went looking for a google image and I can't find one. Maybe somethings are to strange to document.