Monday, April 27, 2009

Dime Store Aesop

Today, Bella, Shelby and I took our trice-weekly trip to our favorite park. As we made our way up the hill, Shelby disappeared into a thicket, following some scent or other, and emerged with a slight limp. A cursory examination revealed a thorn stuck in his front paw, which I removed. I can only hope that some day, when I am thrown into the arena to be devoured by small dogs, Shelby will remember this favor, and spare me.

Later, on our way down the hill, we ran into a boy who had gotten separated from his mother and couldn't find his way back to where he left her. After some consultation, we determined that he had two dogs at home, had been somewhere near the top of Corona Heights before he got lost, and had followed me in the hopes that I would know where to go. So, we decided we should walk back up the hill together to see if we could figure out where his people were. Then I remembered that I had my cellphone, and we called his mother and arranged for a rendezvous. And so everyone was happily reunited.

Then, when me and the dogs were making our way home, I stepped on Bella's paw, causing her to yelp like a harpooned seal. I will not be spared in the arena, after all.


momeester said...

Hey, you step on them, they broke your finger. They owe you in the arena

seester said... are building up quite the collection of good karma! You had to go and beat our lost dog story with one about a lost kid, huh?

Despite this, I mailed your Christmas presents today. Merry New Valenbirth Day!

Nora said...

Yes, but I didn't take the lost kid home and feed him like you did the lost dog. So I think you win for more effort exerted in doing the right thing. I just walked a kid up a hill.