Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I woke up this morning from a dream of being a rock star. Or actually a former rock star. But the band was getting back together. I had one of those soulful 'humina humnina' voices. And I played the guitar (which caused me no end of stress, as I didn't know how to tune it.

It was a pleasure waking up this morning to clean sheets. And differently coloured ones. I don't know why, but more often than not, I'll just wash the same ol' sheets over and over. Going into the linen closet for the spare set (the washing machine in our building is busted) was a revelation. Blue sheets. Bluuuuuue.

I like the word busted. Busted.

I need to get to my Grad School applications. What's holding me back?

Actually part of me still doesn't beleive I have my BA - I haven't gotten my grades back yet. What if I really didn't do it? THey'd have told me by now, right?

I'm wearing a red leather skirt. Feels good. Oh, yeah.

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