Friday, May 21, 2004

I've noticed in myself a general preference for reading long, chatty blog posts, combined with a tendancy to write short, terse posts in my own blog. This probably says something about my personality, but lets not go there, hmm?

I called in sick today - head cold combined with cough combined with ennui. I didn't realize it was Friday, though - I feel a bit guilty for having created a long weekend for myself. I guess as long as I'm not having fun, it's ok.

I'm thinking of
Grad School now. Here's what I'm scared of:

* failure (I'll go to school to learn, only to find that I'm unteachable)
* failure II (I'l go to school, only to find I'm irreprably lazy)
* isolation (I'll quit my job, and never talk to anyone but Brian again)
* failure III (I won't get in to the program of my choice)
* failure IV (I'll go to school, and still feel like I'm wasting my life)
* failure V (general, as yet unnamed failure)

And what do I want to get out of grad school, you ask? I dunno. I guess I just want to keep learning. Sure, I could do that on my own - but wouldn't it be great to just *focus* for a while?

I'm sorry, this isn't fun reading, is it?

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