Friday, October 22, 2004

Now that Shaw has gone and linked me, I guess I really should post some content up in here.

But I'm busy.

So, join me in embracing mediocrity as I make my first foray into the world of poetry (Aaron& Tricia,you might want to look away). Here are some sonnets I've written for my poetic forms class:

Bargain Basement Poe

Freud tells us that love is a recalling
Of sweet unspoken needs by mother met;
When the heart, alight, is through love soaring
It rides a sniveling, poopy infant jet.
And Ovid sings of satyr Marsyas
Who by Apollo flayed, his outsides in,
Sensed the truth we know when love’s upon us:
We are not the masters of our skin.
I never had a kiss that I, rememb’ring
Could feel again as warm, and not corpse cold.
O warmth! O kiss-heat! Abet forgetting
(Forget that I will die, that you’ll grow old).
Just sit with me a while, infant lover,
Your sweet kinder-corpse hand in my own.
And tell me that our lives are far from over --
I need to call my mother. Where’s the phone?

Bargain Basement Shakespeare (the Earl Of Oggsford)

Shall I compare thee to a Tuber-rose?
Thou are’t not an age restricted product
Inhaled into an unsuspecting nose
(An odd feeling - nicotine in bile duct).
Your presence, though, at best disquieting
An untraceable tick’ling in the night
Lingers sweetly, preciously inspiring
A world at once asunder and aright.
Smelling rain, a memory of your sweater
Cheek to blue wool shoulder in the night
A promise to be here, in this moment
And a blessing, interrupting - Gesundheidt
From floating dust condens'd, the heart inspired
You -- though smokeless -- kindle smold'ring fire.

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