Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This is totally a guilt post (oh, don't you wish it were a gilt post, with pretty golden doodly bits all over?). Its late, I've been working on my lesson for class tomorrow, and suddenly, urgently, I decided that I Must Update My Blog Now. So, hi. Here I am.

Again, this is probably old news to my 5 readers, but just in case any of y'all aren't among the folks I email recently, here's the update on Herr Lump: benign. A benign tumor of the nerve sheath, to be specific. Schwannoma,. It's even fun to say.

The only bad news in all this (and it's not that bad, really, unless you're me) is that I have to go back in for surgery in two weeks so that a real live neurosurgeon can actually take the tumor out. But after that, all should be fine. Which is good, because, surgery? Not a fan.

I'm actually kind of excited to have elegant little scars along my collarbone, once all this mess heals. I can be a woman with a past, a possible ex-sword fighter or wildebeast wrangler. A wombat chaser. These are all starting to sound like euphamisms.



seester said...

you wombat chaser you...

it's comforting to know we're working on lesson plans at the same time

i think this scene was cut from the eighty-second sequel to "Fivel Goes West"...


Anonymous said...

Hi Nora,

I happened to connect to your blog thru Molly Taylor's. Her mom, your aunt, mentioned the situation about your tumor (so glad it's benign!) to me at St. James's on Sunday. I just wanted to let you know that the Tue. Night Women's Sharing Group is praying for you. Hope all goes well with the surgery.

Nancy McArdle

Nora said...

So nice to know that St. James is looking out for me! Thanks, Nancy.