Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So I was supposed to go into surgery yesterday. Unfortunately, though, my insurance won't cover this whole shebang until January (when, apparently, it'll cease to be a pre-existing condition), so here I am, out in the world, neither hooked to a morphine drip nor free of my schwannomic influence. Alas. (It just occured to me that I could start blaming my schwannoma for all sorts of things. "Excuse my absence from work today... I am under a schwannomic pall... What? I must pay for these groceries? But my schwannoma, it is hungry). Anyhow.

I'm kind of sad not to have this all done with, but I can't say that i regretted not being in surgery yesterday (though I was in an odd mood, like perhaps I really shouldn't be around at work and in class. And I slept til noon, perhaps in protest).


momeester said...

it was kinda a weird day, being here when i expected to be there.

seester said...

i still can't wait to see if it really looks like an upside down e.

...if it starts eating your homework, it's got to go.


Trixie said...

hahaha! A Schwa-noma, upsidedown e. i love it.

nora, i've been wondering about you and your lovely lady lump...glad to see it'll be leaving (though it may be like fish and houseguests by the time it takes its leave in January)...Keep us informed!!