Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Busy busy busy

Brian's been nagging me to post more ("'Pondering!?'", he says. "You're still pondering your silly Quaker tree?"), and even though I have no new argyle stories to tell, I'm caving.

So. How you been? I am busy. So busy, in fact, that I have become paralyzed by the sense of my own business, unable to finish any task, be it laundry or course proposals, because don't you know I'm busy!? I must lie here and eat goldfish crackers, so busy I am.

Course proposals for next semester are due on Monday. On Friday, I go in for a second round of surgery (remember that schwannoma way back when? Yeah, that). Thursday, my mom arrives from out of town (hi mom!). I'm hoping the house will be at least moderately clean by then (she's not a judgemental woman, my mother, but I don't want her to feel like she's raised some sort of squalid so-and-so). And Aristotle! I've got to read me some Aristotle before Friday, and get some percocet-proof lecture notes together for my first post-surgery class next week. But have I done any of this? Of course not, I'm far too busy. Oh, and plus? The prospect of surgery has me a bit scared. Not that there's any risk or scariness this time 'round. But my lizard brain doesn't know that. My lizard brain says needles are bad. And knives. And those drugs that steal your consciousness away. Oh, ack. I'll stop now.


momeester said...

1st. your mom is much more interested in Aristotle than a clean house.

2nd, Your mom will need to feel useful when she is there so save some cleaning for her.

3rd. Even though I have every confidence this will go well, every night I have scary dreams about my children and ferris wheels. (did I ever tell you about the time I took you girls on one when you were about 4 months and 2 ish).

4th. The tree makes a noise because it was moved by the spirit/wind/breath.

5th. Brian is a sweetie!

6th. see you Thursday!!

seester said...

you just tell those needles and knives what your seester will do to anyone who makes you sad...

Nora said...

Mom: I will arrange some mock-messes for you. But the mold in the bathroom has to go before you get here. So black! So gross! So alarming when I realize how accustomed I've grown to it!

Seester: I will tell the needles and knives. And the fractions. And any mean kids I may encounter.

Nora said...

And mom: you took us on a ferris wheel? Did it get stuck? Did a teenager climb out of the basket and walk dow using the spokes? If so, I think I heard the story, but long, long ago in Anna's backyard. If not, I must've had a really weird dream at some point.

Molly's Mom said...

aNora, Thanks for giving an update on your busyness. I'm honored you think it's our business. I like Ugly Betty too. That may seem like a non sequitur but it's really a response to a comment you made months ago on Molly's blog. I have really taken on a slowsky persona. Have you seen the Slowskys on TV? Bill and Karolyn Slowsky are turtles. They don't like High-speed internet; they like to stick with dial-up because they like slow things. Well that's where that Ugly Betty comment comes from. You make a comment and months later I respond. I didn't want to answer on Molly's blog because she, at the time, was far behind in her watching as she was downloading the episodes. She's probably seen all the episodes by now but I'll take that up with her in good time. Well one night the busy med student had a night off and was watching with me. So blissful to have someone to watch your soap with you and she said re the Selma Hayak character "is she bad?" and of course I faithful, watcher that I am said "noooo she's good." But as it turned out . . . Claire as a new watcher was more atuned to nuance of character than I a faithful but obviously not careful watcher.
So if you have any more about Ugly Betty I will respond in good time. Thinking of you.

Mollz said...

Well, Molly's Mom, thank goodness I had seen that episode of Ugly Betty before Nora's post today! That reminds me that I need to download more episodes.
My mom always has nightmares about snakes.
How's that for a nonsequitor. MLM
Nora, go wash those benign tumors right out of your system!