Wednesday, April 11, 2007

At least the cat's happy

I just woke up from my second nap today. The cat is a major fan of my new sleep schedule. The rest of the day, he prances and demands and hisses, but once I'm recumbant on the couch we become the best of friends. For the last two hours, he slept on the open face of Aristotle's Metaphysics, while I dreamed that I found a baby that no one else could see. Once I realized this, I started wearing said baby on my head. You know, because I could.

But now I've got to get back to all the other things I was supposed to do today. Like laundry, and lecture notes, and other things beginning with 'l' (lesbianism! lying! learning Latvian!).


momeester said...

yea! a blog from Nora!!

Mr. says he is jealous of the cat

momeester said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
momeester said...

It was me that deleted a post cause I sent it twice. Also it was supposed to say MR BOO.

seester said...

yay! what a great opportunity for a Sesame Street reference! Ah, for the techno-savvy to do it more smoothly:

momeester said...

I love the L song

Nora said...

Seester -- you'l be happy to know that "you could sing some sort of 'la la la song' with it" has now entered our household vocabulary.

As in, "What's to be done with this pile of week-old newspapers?"

"I dunno, you could use it to sing some sort of la la la song."

In other news, I am so the Ernie in our relationship.