Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Oh, I can't sleep. Or at least I can't sleep during normal sleeping hours. Just strange, sleepy person times. Last night I tossed and turned until the wee hours, only to sleep the (sunny and springlike) day away. And now I'm up again, restless, reading and listening to all the funny night sounds (some rowdy street noise, but mostly just the rustling of the cat as he searches for new nooks to nap in, and the stompy stompy stompy of the upstairs neighbor as he trundles out of bed to run some nocturnal errand).

Actually, for all my offness, I think I'm actually sleeping more than usual. I'll probably go to bed pretty soon, this in spite of the fact that i was hardly awake at all today (I crawled to bed at eight this morning and slept 'til eleven, then went back to bed and slept from two til sixish. And this was after a tossy-and-turny but nonetheless moderately sleep-filled night). Mending bones, I'm learning, is exhausting work. And I'm so out of it, even when I am awake. But between the meds and the mending, it's no wonder my brain's hardly stirring. You don't want to know how long this has taken me to write (and how many times I accidently typed 'sleep' in lieu of some other word).

Oh, I was going to write more, but my brain's shutting down now. Off to bed.


momeester said...

Good night!

seester said...

hey, i'm just impressed you didn't write "brian" every time you meant "brain."

i know i would've.

Trixie said...

Get some rest, Tater Tot.