Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fort Fun!

It was marvelously sunny today, so we headed out to one of our favorite city parks:

There were four of us: Hope, Brian, the dog, and me. Hope's car is a two-seater by nature, but has this teensey vestigial back seat that I folded myself into for the trip. I had to sit sideways with my seatbelt wrapped awkwardly around me and my feet wedged against the opposite wall, but at least I had a decent view of the dog, who was sitting cozily on Brian's lap in the passenger seat up front.

At Fort Funston, Re Dag (the dog) and I played ball in the surf while Brian and Hope went for a run. The tide was coming in and washing sand and sea water against my bare toes, and I called my parents up to inquire about the weather they were having. I didn't let on that I'd overheard at the farmer's market earlier today that it was snowing in Boston.

Finally, Re Dag and I, both soaked to the skin, met up with Brian and Hope by the stairs leading up to the hang gliders' launch point. We heaved ourselves back up the hill to the car, where Re Dag fell asleep on Brian's lap, and I tracked sand through the nonexistent backseat.

The end.


seester said...


then again,

teachers in san fran never get snow days!

momeester said...

Mr Boo is so jealous.

Schmutzie said...

It is ridiculously cold in Saskatchewan this morning, so seeing those pictures of your dog with his nose out the window put some warmth into my day. That dog looks so freaking contented.