Saturday, March 01, 2008

I just might do this every day

So, in case you haven't heard, every Month is National Blog Posting Month nowadays. I haven't decided if I'm really doing it this month for sure, but until I do, I better pretend I am. If that makes sense.

So anyway, March's theme is lists. Here goes:

Reasons I can't get a job just yet, as there's so much more still need to accomplish during my unemployment. Such as:

1. Joining the Craft Gym and learning a trade (with God as my witness, I'll never manage offices again!).

2. Rediscovering the joy of reading (believe it or not, I developed a certain anxiety around the activity when I was teaching and working full time this past semester. I can't enjoy a book without the nagging feeling that there's some real work I'm neglecting somewhere).

3. Walking more. Particularly in places where there are ruins, views, and/or sea breezes.

4. Catching up on my correspondence.

5. Cleaning the goddamn bedroom already (there's nothing like worrying that your missing cat has been smothered under a pile of dirty laundry).

6. Writing the great American novel, or at least finishing a short story for once, rather than freezing halfway through, unable to edit or move forward.

7. Cleaning the damn dog doo from the back yard so that I can enjoy the afternoon sun.

8. Exploring the still shockingly plentiful San Francisco neighborhoods, museums, and scenic spots that I have yet to visit, plumb for riches, and adore.

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momeester said...

never manage an office again!!!!!!