Saturday, March 08, 2008


1. Grapefruit: I don't like it, but I like the juice.
2. Pickwick Papers: a book that should be enjoyed someplace cozy, with a ready supply of tea and treats.
3. Bears: furry.
4. Weather: sunny but chilly
5. Sleep: sleepy.
7. Hats: Only extra large hats fit me. I'm mildly concerned that if I go in for steriod injections, my head will grow even larger, like that baseball guy.
8. Anne of the Island: In audio-book form, the best thing ever.
9. Beets: delicious.


Tricia said...

I used to HATE HATE HATE grapefruit, but now my little treat is to dab them in sugar and eat them. YUM!

Also...beets? I had the BEST borscht of my life in Ireland over Christmas. SO GOOD.

seester said...

beets? bleechhh...ex-boyfriend loved to eat beets...beets, beets, beets!



Anonymous said...

I love grapefruit and the juice and grapefruit topped with brown sugar and run under the broiler is the best.

Beets is good too! especially roasted.