Thursday, September 11, 2008


Back when I had an office job, I was often amused by the post-it notes that adorned my desk. Sure, I'd written them, but more often than not they seemed to have been left for me as signs by some alien intelligence intent upon making itself known. "Mailbox fix?" they asked. "Axial yoga?"

Now that I have neither a job nor post-its, my computer is left to carry on the task of confusing me with my own past ideas and inquiries. My google search window remembers past inquires and makes suggestions as I type, filling in what it thinks I might mean from just a few letters. So now I'm wondering, when did I google 'epic poem colma underworld'? And what on earth was I looking for?


seester said...


momeester said...

Well now if you do it you get this blog!

Skye said...

Hi, Skye here from BlogHerAds. I've tried to email you but I fear my email has gone into your

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-Skye Kilaen

Michelle said...

My most recent searches include "mortgage payment calculator" and "expedia coupons."