Monday, September 29, 2008

Wherein we take the art for a walk

Brian's participating in ArtSpan's open studios again this year. This time, he'll also be in the group show at the SomArts Gallery (on Brannan St., right by the Trader Joe's). He finished his piece for the group show last night; this morning we brought it over to SomArts. Here it is in his studio this morning, right before we headed out. The show opens October 5th.

This is the smallest piece Brian's made in a while. We were both a little excited about how portable it is (that's not a portal into some woolen vortex, by the way. Just my sweater).

Here we are, waiting for the train.

This is the only picture in which Brian doesn't have the 'Woman, why do you insist on taking my photo?' look on is face.


Up the escalator

Through the station,

And finally we were there.

"Are you taking pictures of my butt?" Brian asked. Yes, sweetie. Yes I am.

Brian's studio will be open the third weekend in October (the 18 & 19), from 11 AM to 6 PM. He's at 2221 15th St., through the side door by the garage. Hope to see you all there.

Want more photos of art, and less of my nonsense? Check out my flickr page


Anonymous said...


So much in such a small space. It seems more three dimensional than the others, the relief seems higher, is that true? I love the pictures of the walk


Anonymous said...

This is the best yet! or at least my favorite. I love the raven, who is such a NW Coast creature, but the only NW Coast element is the eye in the wing. I was struck from the first how he/she/it seems to soar of the surface. Who has seen it?


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