Thursday, April 22, 2004

I was already late, it wasn't really the bus's fault. The extra wait certainly didn't help, though.

When the bus finally arrived, there were enough of us to fill three busses. I stood, looming over a squirming toddler in his fathers lap, a man's elbo in my back and some woman squished up against my boob. The woman kept trying to make conversation with the toddler, then grinning up at me, as if to say 'aren't we great chums now that we've shared this adversity?.'

I smiled grimly, inwardly reciting a litany of complaints that, in sum, made me want to leave San Francisco, break up with Brian, and go live on an island somewhere where the only thing I'd have to do in the mornings would be to wipe the sleep from my eyes, pull a knit cap over my matted hair, and shake my fist at passing boats and seagulls.

Although, I guess I'd keep Brian, so long as he didn't keep eating all the Amaranth Flakes.

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