Thursday, April 01, 2004

"It is the constructive task of a philosophy of a philosophy of mind to provide a set of terms in which ultimate judgements of value can be very clearly stated"
- Hampshire, Thought and Action

Wrassling with moral judgement is such a tricky task. On the one hand, we each posess (barring mental illness or injury) a definite, immutable sense of right and wrong - the gut feeling that tells you murder is wrong, betrayal distasteful. On more day-to-day scale, we all have opinions - feelings that go deeper than feeling and define who we are in and of the world.

But moral judgement itself can be distasteful. I mean really - the whole gay marriage debate? "Our" condemnation of Islamic nations and other 'evil doers?' Can we have a philosophy - 'a moral philosophy' - that does not impose upon us value judgements in the guise of 'human nature?'

Why am I so simple?

Maybe I should go to bed.

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