Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Update for my Mother, Who Wishes I Would Update More.

Oh, hello. The cat is sound asleep and I'm sitting in a pile of books and papers. I had class this morning at ten and stayed up 'til four last night. Somehow that seems to be the way my mind wants to work; it gets more and more awake as the night goes on, and then by the time I force myself to bed (because the room is a little wobbly and my eyes keep wanting to shut) it's racing so fast that I can hardly sleep. I didn't mind getting up five hours later, either. Though I did take a bit of a nap this afternoon.

I'm working on course proposals for next semester. One I like right now is 'Odysseus and the Search for Self' looking at the Odyssey, Philoctites, and Ajax. And maybe that new Margaret Atwood book. I'm not sure.

I'm also applying of to San Francisco State for a second BA (in Classics this time). Every time I tell one of my old professors, they say I should go straight for the Masters and just make up the languages somehow (I mean go to class and stuff, not re-invent them). I wonder if they think I'm smarter or more learned than I am, or if they have a more realistic sense of what'd be expected of me in a Masters program.

Part of me just wants to be a kid again, an undergrad only smarter this time, happier. Better dressed.

I need to call my seester. Hi, seester.


momeester said...

Thanks Nora!

About the question of a BA or an MA. Thats certainly something you can discuss at SFU, You are not totally ignorant of Latin and Greek and you are certainly well read in translation. I've known people to get a BA and a BS, but never 2 BAs. It would look like this
Elinor Gray Sawyer, BA, BA, MA, MFA (which looks like a sheep)
Of course EGS BA, MA, MA, MFA looks like you are calling your mom!
Your schedule sounds like the way my Granddaddy Cham lived. Stay up all night, Get up around 8 or so, nap after lunch and do it again.
The course sounds neat. I just finished Dream Argus by Ian McCall Smith. I think it is the best in the myth series that I have read. In alternate chapeters re first tells a section of the myth of the Celtic God Argus and the has a short story on the same themes, fear of the loss of a big brother, dreams and love, finding out your father is not your father, etc. I'm glad Smith has become popular in the US, he is a very accomplished writer.

Nora said...

I'll have to check out Dream Argus. I'm working on my own myth reinturpretation right now (I know: surprise, surprise) with Zeus and Metis. I'm trying to work in autobiography, but having a Schwannoma can't exactly hold a candle to giving birth to the goddess of wisdom from one's head. Maybe short stories are the way to go.

Nora said...

Inturpretation, interpretation... my degree is in creative writing. Creative spelling is implied.

seester said...

Creative spelling...hmmm...We in the educational field would like to officially apologize for that one.

Is it wrong of me to just want my seester to settle down, get a job she can complain about (like the rest of us), and stop accumulating esoteric degrees?

Grumble. Perhaps I'm just suffering from a certain angst-y je ne sais quoi related to an overall dissatisfaction with the virtual conversation developing...My seester contemplates mythic questions of identity...I was poetic about having taught kids how to multiply decimals.

Angst-y je ne sais quoi related to overall dissatisfaction with a virtual conversation. I think there's a word in German for that.

Anyway...Hi, seester. I meeess you!

seester said...

Ha! Was poetic...wax poetic...I almost let that typo go, hoping folks would just think I was poetic somewhere along the way and they just missed it.

momeester said...

I have a certain fondness for creative spelling and typos. They add a certain je ne sais quoi. and I love the was poetic, wax poetic ambiguity.

It would be fun, Nora, to write a poem or something building on that concept.

or maybe playing with the word verification words, this one is byadlj