Saturday, November 04, 2006

And Saturday, too!

Isn't it frustrating how, when you're in a funk, it's completely impossible to remember what being happy feels like? I know I was happy just last week. Ecstatic, even. Poop.

Brian's off at his studio. I drove him away with my histronic discontentedness, what with the sighing and the moaning and the flying off the handle at things which are really fine most of the time. Maybe falling to the floor and demanding he find a sane girlfriend is not the best way to keep a man. Hm.

Monster cat is very much attached to me today. I can't sit or lie down without him curling up on top of me. Frustrating and comforting all at once.

I wish I were a lighthouse keeper (why? What would lighthouse keeping do for me that house keeping does not? I think I just want aloneness, wet rocks, a snug room, and the wild sea). Stupid automated lighthouses. Stupid sonar.


momeester said...

I like thinking of ways to spend 55,000 in three days. You could buy 2 cars and do it in minutes, Heck there are cars that cost more than that, and they come with no more wheels than cars that cost half that, go fingure!

Sam said...

I do the same thing to my darling, patient boyfriend occasionally. Partly because he cleans when he's upset or worried, so I sometimes pick fights with him and then leave so when I come back to apologize at least all the apartment is spotless.