Friday, November 17, 2006

Just a report today.

Oh, I just don't have the posting in me today. I'm neither happy nor angsy enough to generate blog content.

Brian got up early today and cleaned the house. The house is so much pleasanter clean, but I somehow never think of that when it's dirty. You'd think cause and effect would be easy enough to figure out.

I found out today I'll be teaching agian next semester. The course the committee chose (wow, there's a lot of double letters in 'committee') isn't my number one favorite of all the courses I proposed, but I'm thrilled nonetheless.

So,I'm working on Latin for tonight, and reading Marcus Aurilius.

Eh, that's all I got. Take that, NaBloPoMo.


momeester said...

i think the general philosophy course can be fun. I have never done some of these guys in a formal way. just the other day I found my paper from a philosophy of education class on idealism vrs realism in a can this marriage be saved format. I will show it to you when you come at Christmas. Or maybe I will type it into your blog and share it with the world!!!!

Nora said...

That sounds like such a fun paper! Though I'm not sure about the marriage.

seester said...

i remember that paper...i've always wished you'd written another one in an 'i am joe's liver' format.

i am joe's philosophy of education.