Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Thursday List

Five Things About Me You May or May Not Know:

1. My face's overweening youthfulness is well-established. At twenty-two, I got carded on my way in to see "Fight Club" -- an R (or was it PG 13?) rated movie. At 29, I'm still semi-regularly carded for alchohol, and the first thing I remember after waking up from surgery this past fall was the nurse saying "how old are you honey? 'Cause you look 12" (in my post-surgical haze, I felt obligated to tell some sort of joke at this, and was really frustrated that I couldn't think of one).

2. My lucky color is green. My favorite color is infinitely mutable (right now it's orange), but green has been my lucky color since the third grade. I've never lost a game of parchesi, I always play green and that's that (I also have not played parchesi since the fifth grade, for fear of losing my streak).

3. My favorite number is four. I don't know why. I also like the word twelve. I can remember, as a kid, looking forward to saying, "but I'm only twelve!" when called upon to performe some great feat. As near as I can recall, the situation never arose.

4. I don't particularly like cake. Cheesecake I despise*. I do like chocolate, though.

5. For the longest time I was convinced that, at some point in the distant and hazy past, I had known how to make sandcastles with rooms and hallways inside. As a child I was very frustrated that I couldn't remember how this was done. My sister could make timy wigwams out of moss and twigs. My twigs always snapped or catapulted the moss off their backs. Which doesn't have anything to do with the sandcastles, really -- I just wanted the list to look symmetrical (with long entries on either end).

* EDIT: As I was falling asleep last night, I got to thinking: I don't think I actually dislike cheescake -- I often like it once I'm eating it. It just doesn't tempt me at all for some reason. So I guess I'm against the idea of cheesecake. Lemon mirangue, too.


Kirsten said...

i can relate to the youthful appearance. i got carded when i saw american pie 2. i was 25.

whatever possessed me to shell out the cash to see that movie in the theatre is beyond me.

trixie said...

Oh man...I hope the youthful face thing lasts. I was at a meeting the other day where I met a lot of people for the first time and I mentioned something--I don't remember what--and the man I was talking to said "But what? Are you, like 14?" To which I informed him that I am 30 and do have SOME cred, but thankyouverymuch. :O)

seester said...

i think the lucky number is also related to the parchisi streak of '85.

if i recall...not having played since you gave it up in '87 or so...there are 4 pieces per player in a parchisi game.

man, that parchisi thing was frustrating. being the seester of a gal on a winning spree can be a tough row to hoe.

enjoying my metaphoriness,