Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Like a little motor

My hand is on the cat and the cat is om my lap. Kind of a funny sensation: purring in three dimensions. The cat's so much frendlier now that the weather's cold. He comes running to greet me when I get home, and pops up next to me sometimes in the night, his fur still cool and smelling like outside as he kneads a soft patch by my head.

Anyway. Working on a plan of attack for Latin next semester; I'm thinking we'll work our way up to Ovid, then spend as much time as possible on the Metamorphoses. I figure it's good fun for poets and gossip-lovers alike.

Tomorrow i've got to turn something in for workshop. I'll most likely go with Metis revisions, unless inspiration strikes sometime in the night. It could happen.

Mmmm. Cat is warm. All we need is a cozy fireplace and a library. And a haunted tower with a secret passage that leads to a damp, neglected crypt. Or something.


momeester said...

I think Ovid is a good choice. Each section or poem is short enough that you can look up the vocab, parse the grammer and still have time to work on the poetry. And then of course their is just the just plain fun of it. Augustine Rome was the best of times for gossip!!!

momeester said...

Is this it?

href = "http://omega.cohums.ohio-state.edu/latin/wheelock/ws4.htm" > Da mihi multa basia

momeester said...

href = "http://omega.cohums.ohio-state.edu/latin/wheelock/ws4.htm" > a clover and a bee


momeester said...

i guess i'm missing something real obvious!!

momeester said...


I passed, albeit barely the first three self tests!!

Well I got more than i/2 right

momeester said...


now I will stop!!

Teena said...

Aren't kitties great? I have two.

I'm here via NaBloPoMo!

Nora said...

Mom, I'll show you how to do it when I get home.

Hi, Teena!