Thursday, November 15, 2007


Ok, now that we've gone there, what was your childhood nickname? And what is this impulse to convert perfectly respoctable names, names chosen very carefully just months before, into schnuzzawuzza puddin muffins?


momeester said...

Mine was GayGay. It's what my first little sister called me.

My best friend in high school called me Cornflower from the way her Mom miss heard my last name.

I was mostly called Little Mary Gray. Little is what people said instead of Jr. Little Bill, Little Louis, Little Nick, etc.

There's a rumor that the child with many nicknames is well loved

Tricia said...

I had a few, but my first was what my dad called: me Bocce Ball

I always kind of felt both left out and special at the same time. My dad referred to himself as Monkey Doodle Number One, while my older sister was Monkey Doodle Number Two.

Later on in life my little sister called me Deeda. That is a name that came back to haunt me in college.

And of course, the old standby. Trish the Dish.

We have BILLIONS of nicknames for Georgia! (I think the "well-loved" theory is right on!)

Tricia said...

uh...that should read "called me: Bocce Ball".