Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ya Vote!

Voting always makes me a little giddy. Participatory democracy can be such a head rush! And it was extra fun this morning -- bonds for libraries! Pony rides! Free internets for all! Never mind the old-timey thrill of voting for a man with a handlebar mustache (and while I'm at it, hurrah fro rank choice voting! No more throwing your vote away!. I even got to write in Joanie Caucus as my second choice for DA (there was only one choice on the ballot, and I get to vote for three, so why not?).

I was still a bit lightheaded on my way to work. Which, combined with an extra long wait for a walklight, contributed to the following impulse buy:

I've been needing goloshes anyway, and these have been calling to me every time I've passed Nisa's windows for the past week or so. Galosh galosh! Bring on the puddles!


Tricia said...

nice camel toe.

sorry. i couldn't resist. i know this is a family blog 'n all.

seester said...


Yay for Joanie Caucus, though.

momeester said...

Good job baby woman,

Camel is a better image than goat.

Tricia, we're glad you drop in, we follow Ms G everyday!

seester said...

I just showed these to my hubby, and he said they look like the boots that ninjas wear...except that they're galloshes.

So, yay, ninja galoshes!


seester said...

so not tech-savvy enough...but if you have the patience to paste the link into your browser yourself, then click on the 'tabi boots' to the right to see what he's talkin' about.