Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rabbit, rabbit

Happy November, everyone!

So, new month, new rules. To start with, this is so last month:

Word is, we're getting paid tomorrow. And the Friday after. And so on, forever and ever, until our great-grandkids finally suck dry the teat of institutional solvency.

Okay, maybe not. But we're at least getting paid tomorrow, and should be paid only five days late for the payperiod after that.

It's been a rough couple weeks, though, I gotta say. Not so much the financial strain (though my bank account, like many of my coworkers, is currently overdrawn due to automatic payments going through post-non-payday). Rather, it's the emotional impact of not getting paid that continues to sting. I'd never realized what a capitalist I am before, but jeez. Not getting paid casts such a pall over my workday.

Anyway. Here's to new months! New beginnings! New posts! Paychecks!


seester said...

Yay!! Let's hear it for paychecks.

Not so sure about the 'suck dry the teat of institutional solvency' bit, though...catchy, but perhaps too vivid an image for me...

Memorable, though...I may find myself working it into conversation later. :P

Tricia said...

moneymoneymoneymoney! Money!

Or...maybe just bills paid off. grrrr.