Monday, October 08, 2007

21 for 21

In honor of Tricia's Get it Down: 31 for 21, Twenty-one Things (That You Might not Already Know) About Me:

1. I'm absolutely addicted to web sites that present first hand accounts of paranormal encounters.

2. I don't believe in ghosts (but I'm scared to pieces at the prospect of seeing one).

3. When I'm having trouble falling asleep, daydreaming about the toast I'm going to have for breakfast puts me right out (anything to get closer to the toast!).

4. I never kill bugs intentionally.

5. Well, mosquitos get one warning 'shoo' before I smack 'em.

6. Luckily, there are hardly any mosquitoes in San Francisco.

7. I can't spell 'mosquitoes' for the life of me.

8. I can't spell the name 'Michael' either. The 'a' and 'e' always confuse me.

9. I had a crush on a boy named Michael Fuller in fifth grade. Said crush manifested itself in constant bickering.

10. I think he liked me, too.

11. For years, I believed that I'd reached my peak in 5th grade, and that I'd never be as confident, funny, or full of potential again.

12. It's a gloomy twelve year old that believes her best years are behind her.

13. And an even gloomier twenty-one year old.

14. 'Twelve' is one of my favorite words.

15. I have reoccurring dreams that take place in a library.

16. Or sometimes a church.

17. Or sometimes the blocks surrounding my childhood home.

18. The geography of my dream worlds is fairly consistent -- If I dream of a down stairway or a pathway this week, it'll be there next week when I need it.

19. I love dreaming. I'll sleep til noon if my dreams are good.

20. I always feel guilty when I sleep in. Said guilt manifests itself in grouchiness.

21. I drempt this morning that I was hiding out in the belfry of a gothic cathederal (sanctuary!!). I slept til 10:30.


momeester said...

Wow! most of this I did not know. I had noticed the lack of mosquitoes in SF. I don't remember Michael Fuller (Michael is one of those names that means something about God. El is an ancient word for God. Raphael, Gabriel, etc.) I can't spell weather as in wehither or not. I can be so bad on that on that spell check can't even give good suggestions.

seester said...

I like your dreams...and that you're posting every day. I was too chicken.

Nora said...

Of course you don't remember Michael Fuller, mom. He was *mine*.

Thanks for the tip re: 'el'. Etymology makes everything more sensible.

Tricia said...

i love this family.

feather said...

I sometimes consider writing about various ghostly experiences but I'm afraid people would think I was crazy or stupid or both. I often think that, myself -- I'm not sure I believe in them either. But I can't wait to read the websites.