Sunday, October 07, 2007

Holding Pattern

Busy all day, with no time for the bloggin'. So, while I get my act together (something that's gonna take more than the five minutes I have before the day's over), here's this tidbit from Good Advice for Young Trendy People of All Ages, a book I picked up at Manic D Press' booth at the Castro Street Fair today:

"I am in favor of making one's life an open book. If everybody knows you are considering going out with So-and-so, they can give you the dirt. The other option is to misstep alone and suffer silently. If everybody knows you just smoked crack, they may excuse you from the consequesnces of your behaviour. We're all supposed to be understanding now, but you have to give us a chance to understand something first. So do tell.

However, when personal information becomes a weapon, as it is on the East Coast and perhaps Japan, the social construct is not correct. The best reaction is to form a noise band and just scream and scream (check out Sick of It All, Masonna, the Boredoms). I mean it, go see them.


seester said...

As an East-Coaster, I must protest. I mean, c'mon! We're not all that bad.

We just like gossip.

momeester said...

I'm an east coaster too. Gossip, in the right hands, can be a force for good.

Tricia said...