Monday, October 15, 2007

21 Pet Peeves

Or, when every day at work is a crappy day, should crappy be considered the new 'okay'?

1. People not saying "hi" back.
2. Machines breaking for no apparent reason.
3. The phrase "please advise."
4. Lactose intolerance.
5. Intractable schedules.
6. Klingon foreheads.
7. Expired warranties.
8. Bank fees.
9. Stern answering machine greetings.
10. Free-floating anxiety
11. Ambiguous instructions.
12. Quotation marks used for emphasis (ex: please "do not" destroy the English language).
13. Global Dimming.
14. That orange juice is not available on tap in my office.
15. Hard and fast deadlines on 24 hours notice.
16. That hating Mondays was co-opted years ago by a cartoon cat.
17. Being 'not really sick'-sick.
18. Un proofread 'open letters'
19. People who say 'please' like it's an insult.
20. Stupid hair.
21. Lists in lieu of real blog entries.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

oh man. i must be on your shitlist. i love me some lists!