Monday, October 29, 2007


We still haven't been paid. Let me repeat that: No one at the school where I work has been paid for over a week (unless there's a secret cadre of elites I'm not aware of, rolling around in secret rooms full of money as I type). There's even some indication that there might not be a regular payroll until December 3rd (just in time for mom's birthday!).

So, my question is, how much longer to we keep on keepin' on? At what point does "I'm still here for the students" become "I'm giving the students a false sense of stability by staying"?

I feel irresponsible talking about this in so pubic a forum, but at what point does stiff-upper-lipping cease being useful and start being harmful? At what point can we just shut the doors and start mourning?

*Just to be clear: it's been a week since payday came and went. It's been more than four weeks since we were last paid.


momeester said...

What a sad blog!

seester said...

Wow...I wish I knew the answer to any one of theose questions. Is the December date something with facts and figures to back it up, or is it just a hope? That's a scary situation to be in...Do you need a sign that says "Will lecture about esoteric subjects embracing topics ranging from Greek philosophy post-modern feminism for food," or can you afford (in assorted senses of the word) to wait it out? Do the students know what's going on, or are they in blissful ignorance? Not wanting to address all of these things in a public forum is probably wise...looking at my non-answer, I suppose this might be a topic for an email rather than a comment on your blog.

seester said...

Greek philosophy TO post-modern feminism.

Grrrr proof reading.

Also, I wish I knew more about what you actually lecture about. But I can just read "Course Reading Wednesdays" for that. :)