Sunday, October 14, 2007


The cat really wants on my lap right now. Sorry, blog-o-sphere, but you're competing with 20 pounds of pure cute. I may have to sign off rather quickly.

So, how is it Sunday night already? As a matter of fact, how is it October? 2007?? And omigosh, I'm 30? When did that happen?*

Oh, I'm feeling chronologically misplaced tonight. I'm listening to a CD that I listened to a lot when I was about, I dunno, 20? I'd just dropped out of out of college, was living at home, and kept having dreams that my teeth were falling out. I wore a lot of black and had a stuffed crow named Great Aunt Ponsomby. And I was taking classes at the Museum School. That was fun.

Wait, what? I'm 30?

* April. It happened in April. I'm a little slow.

1 comment:

seester said...

I never knew the name of that crow.

Glad to have that one ready for the family edition of trivia pursuit (oh you know it's coming!).